our classes


6am | barre express (45 min)

7:30am | barre

9am | barre

4:30pm | barre

6pm | barre express (45 min)


5:30am | cardio barre

9:30am | barre express (45 min)

4:30pm | barre

6pm | barre


5:45am | barre sculpt (45 min)

7:30am | barre

9am | barre

4:30pm | barre

5:30pm | barre restore


5:30am | cardio barre

9:30am | barre express (45 min)

5:30pm | barre express (45 min)

6:30pm | barre express (45 min)


6am | barre express (45 min)

8am | barre sculpt (45 min)

9am | barre

12pm | barre express (45 min)

4:30pm | barre


8am | barre express (45 min)

8:50am | core class (3o min)

9:30am | barre express (45 min)



Unless otherwise noted, all classes are 1 hour in length.

Explore our class formats below

Barre and Barre Express:

In these low impact, open level barre classes you will be challenged but not overwhelmed. Barre uses isometric movements, light weights, and your own body to tone and strengthen each muscle group in the body. Traditional ballet barre classes are 1 hour in length and modifications are offered for all fitness levels. In our 45 minute express barre classes, you will find a shorter warmup and many combination movements so that you can still get the full body workout that you need in a shorter time frame. Pop in before work or end your day with 45 minutes of the barre you love.

Barre Sculpt:

If you’ve been to a barre class, you know how those little two pound weights bring the burn. In Sculpt we pick up our heavier weights (always optional) as we do slower movements and less repetitions while holding various empowering poses. This 45 minute class incorporates large body movements in a flow style, breath work, and stretches with barre muscle toning. We warm the room to get your muscles prepared to move and work and then cool it down as class progresses. It’s truly a treat! Join us under the light of the chandeliers on Wednesday mornings!

Cardio Barre:

Get your heart rate up while we max out our muscles in our Cardio Barre classes. These classes use interval training and are set to a faster paced beat to bring the heat, shake and sweat while keeping a barre and Pilates base. Even with a dynamic pace our cardio classes are still low impact. Expect fewer stretches throughout class but a long restorative stretch at the end of every class. Cardio classes are offered in a 1 hour and a 45 minute format.

Barre Restore:

Barre Restore is designed to balance out the strength work of barre with deep, purposeful stretching. We incorporate a foam roller to focus on longer holds and releasing tight or sore muscles for a full physical and mental restoration. Barre Restore is just what your body needs for optimal training and health. Enjoy a mid week refreshment on Wednesday evenings, 30 minute barre workout followed by 30 minutes of restorative stretch and cold lavender towel under the light of the chandeliers.


In this 50 minute class we dive deep into lower body work, recruit our core for support and, of course, shape our glutes! Focusing on our lower body, we will work to strengthen our glutes and in doing so, increase the efficacy of our classic barre workout. Class will include standing glute work, floor glute work, a core series and a deep stretch with a cold lavender towel (we might even grab the foam rollers)! Come give your glutes some extra love! This class is offered every Thursday evening at 6:30pm and once a month on Saturdays at 9:30am. Book it early!

Faith Barre:

Need to feel encouraged? Empowered in your Christian faith? This is the class for you. This barre class will be taught in our regular barre format but as we workout, your instructor will speak life giving words from Scripture over you. You will be reminded of who you are and Whose you are in each class. Every class is finished with a deep stretch and time of meditation and prayer. Get your hopes up! This class is that good!

*Faith Barre is a specialty class and is offered on average once a month. Check the schedule and sign up early*

Barre Flow:

Welcome to our lowest impact class.   Whether you are new to our studio (or to barre) or it is a day your body craves some slower movement, Barre Flow will walk you through classic barre positions with the support of the barre.   We begin with a breakdown of our barre warm up, and then build a progression of our classic methods, discussing form and muscle groupings all throughout class.  With limited props (no weights, no mini bands, no gliders) and just a few pulses here and there, Barre Flow offers an introduction to barre for new members or an opportunity for our regular clients to perfect their form and technique.   Take Barre Flow on its own or pair it with another class for a thorough movement session for your mind and for your body.


CORE is a 30 minute mat based abdominal focused workout designed to build core muscle groups. We will target the full abdominal wall as well as the back muscles and pelvic floor. CORE builds strength, stability and endurance to compliment our barre workouts as well as provide a greater quality of life. Pair this workout with a barre workout or do it by itself.

Pilates Barre:

Pilates Barre will target your abdominals, back and glutes through intentional mobility work and breathing. Do you sometimes experience tight hip flexors, low back or neck pain? This class is designed to help alleviate those issues by bringing a greater range of motion to your most overworked muscle groups through controlled flows, holds, mindfulness and learning to use your breath to increase your workout. The beat will stay slow but the burn will rise. The class begins standing, moves to kneeling and ends with an extended time on the mat.  Leave feeling looser in your body, calmer in your mind and ready to take on your week!