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You’re in the right place! If you’ve never tried barre before get ready to be pleasantly surprised by a low impact, high intensity workout that strengthens, shapes and tones in an environment fit for any fitness level and all ages. Barre is an athletic blend of Pilates and resistance training with a ballet base. Every class is exciting and combines athletic movements with ballet barre positions to provide a class that is challenging but not overwhelming. You’ll be surprised by the way these tiny movements bring big change. Focusing on proper alignment, a strong core, increasing flexibility and feeling stronger with each class, we believe your workouts should provide an overall great quality of life!

All of our instructors are trained to offer a wide variety of modifications so that you can truly come as you are! Our passion is to bring you a top notch workout that is challenging but not overwhelming. We recommend you try one of our traditional barre classes as your first class. They are 1 hour in length and provide a great experience of what our full body barre workouts offer.


What sets Barre Nation apart?

Let me count the ways! First off, we are a come as you are studio. We believe that multiple generations working out together in the same space is a GREAT thing and we love seeing all ages, shapes and sizes working out together and gaining strength. Our instructors are trained to offer a wide variety of modifications during our workouts so any fitness level can get a great workout.

At Barre Nation we take a lot of pride in the execution of our barre method. Every single workout will be different! We do not repeat the same warm up and our choreography changes every class. Our muscles have memory and we want to keep them guessing while we are at the barre.

Tired of forgetting your socks and having to pay when you arrive to barre? We are NOT sock required because we workout on wood floors (no carpet). Socks are welcome but not required.

Because we are not a franchise we can offer competitive and affordable pricing so that barre workouts can be accessible to ALL! Have you noticed that it’s hard to find pricing on studio’s websites? Not at Barre Nation! We offer up front, competitive pricing plans and we offer scholarships if you meet financial need criteria. Also, we do NOT charge cancellation penalties. We have reasonable requirements on all of our memberships (listed on our Pricing page) which you can freeze or cancel with 30 days notice. Last little bit of good news? All of our memberships include a free online membership in addition to your unlimited access to our in-studio classes. Traveling or can’t make it into the studio? Hop online and workout from home at no charge.

What do I wear and what can I expect?

Barre Nation Instructors

Wear whatever you feel comfortable working out in that allows your body to move freely. We suggest that you workout barefoot or in sticky socks (which help your feet keep a grip on the hardwood floors). When you arrive, your instructor will show you around the studio and help you get settled and set up. Our studio is 1,500 square feet and totally open so there is a lot of room to spread out and feel comfortable. You will be working out with a wide variety of age groups and fitness levels and that’s intentional. We love having a combination of generations that represent a diverse range of fitness levels at the barre. Your instructor will show you how to take each position up to the next level or down for less intensity. As you gain strength, you will find yourself letting go of the barre for longer periods of time as you gain balance and coordination. You will begin sitting lower in your pliés, holding your plank without dropping to your knees, and taking your workout to the next level in a variety of other ways. Your instructor will always be cheering you on and showing you how to get more from your workout. We believe we have a lot to learn from each other and that bringing a wide variety of fitness levels, ages and stages into one room is a beautiful way to encourage each other, accept each other and push each other on as we strengthen our bodies.


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Create a new account or log in to your existing account using our Wellness Living app. From here, you can book classes, see our schedule, and also take class from home using our virtual platform.

Create a new account or log in to your existing account using our Wellness Living app. From here, you can book classes, see our schedule, and also take class from home using our virtual platform.



Wonderful class! The space is amazing, very open and airy! Definitely a tough workout but you feel great after. The instructor did an amazing job of walking you through the exercises so even if you aren’t familiar with the workout, you can pick it up fast.

Ellie R.

Nicole did an excellent job of welcoming me to the studio for my first visit. The workout was intense-but that is why I went!! She offered modifications which is very helpful since I am a little older than the average student.

Laurie A.

Loved this Class, very challenging, the instruction was very well and easy to understand. The Monday and Tuesday, 9 am and 9:15 classes are different, because of two different instructors, but both were great. Going to grab my membership

John D.

I just finished my first workout at Barre Nation and I couldn’t recommend it more!! It is so beautiful and clean inside, the instructor (Nicole!) and music was very motivating and I had an amazing workout. Barre is so fun because you can really adjust your workout to best suit your body and fitness level and you will see results! I can’t wait to go back!

Kelly G.

So in love with the look and feel of this studio! Took a class with Ashley this morning who was very sweet! As a Physical Therapist also certified in Barre technique, I really appreciated her cues for positioning and posture. Great workout in a great location and can’t wait to go back!

Kerry M.

Excellent workout! Beautiful facility! Very pleased and looking forward to gaining strength through Barre Nation!

Jessica S.

So happy that there is a barre studio in Summerville! I’ve taken classes from several of the instructors and all are great!

Jennifer D.

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