What is Barre?

Barre combines Pilates, resistance training and ballet to strengthen, shape and tone in a low impact environment fit for any fitness level and all ages. Barre is a full body workout that uses isometric movements, light weights, and your own body weight to tone and strengthen each muscle group. Barre Nation focuses on proper alignment, a strong core, increasing flexibility and feeling stronger with each class. Every class is exciting and combines athletic movements with ballet barre positions to provide a class that is challenging but not overwhelming. We max out our muscles and then provide a thorough stretch to encourage strong, lean and flexible bodies for an overall greater quality of life.

What do I wear?

Please wear whatever you feel most comfortable working out in. We do our workouts without shoes. Socks are optional and not required. We are truly come as you are!

What Different classes do you offer?

BARRE: In this low impact, open level barre class you will be challenged but not overwhelmed. Barre uses isometric movements, light weights, and your own body to tone and strengthen each muscle group in the body. Classes are 1 hour in length and modifications are offered for all fitness levels.
BARRE EXPRESS: All of your favorite barre in just 45 minutes. A shorter warmup and many combination movements will be used in this traditional barre workout so that you can still get the full body workout that you need in a shorter time frame. Pop in on your lunch break or end your day with 45 minutes of the barre you love.
BARRE FLOW: Need a deep breath and a good stretch? This is it! Barre Flow is a 1 hour class focusing on deep stretches, flexibility, releasing tension, reducing stress and restoring a healthy mind-body connection. Class is mat based where we will include some of your favorite barre positions and all of the barre stretches you crave. Flow is finished with a chilled lavender eye compress and hands on stretch assistance.
BARRE RESTORE: Barre Restore is a mix of the barre you love (45 minutes) followed by a time of restoration and stretch (45 minutes). This 90 minute class is designed to balance out the strength work of barre with deep, purposeful stretching. We incorporate a foam roller to focus on longer holds and releasing tight or sore muscles for a full physical and mental restoration. Barre Restore is just what your body needs for optimal training and health.